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One of my hobbies is algorithmic animation. The piece above is one of my creations. It's called "Noise Portrait," since the basic algorithm behind it is driven by Perlin noise. You can view the source code here, and learn more about it here.
Jared Sylvester

I'm a consultant/machine learning researcher/data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2014 I got my doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. My dissertation research was on neural network models of cognitive control. I also did some work with the Center for Complexity in Business in social network analysis and marketing. You can find copies of some of my papers here. You can also take a look at my blog, Cafe Turing.

Besides my dissertation work, I'm interested in art (especially algorithmic art, animation and sculpture) and economics. I spend most of my time outside the lab reading, making, and playing with my son, Jack, and my Westie, Bonnie.

If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me through email
(jared /at/ jsylvest /dot/ com) or twitter (@jsylvest).